Falling in love

I never thought I would fall in love with a guy like my husband, but the fact is that I did. We come from totally different world, but yet we are very much the same. When we met I was working for London escorts still, and he had a really high profile job. I was amazed that this guy even offered to take me out for dinner, but he did and he was really nice. Our first date took place one evening when I had just come away from my shift at London escorts, and the truth is that we could not stop talking.

Talking is the strength of our relationship, and I think that we are very good at it. As a matter of fact, a lot of my friends at London escorts are a bit envious of me, and they say that I am always talking with my husband. It is true, I do enjoy having a conversation with my husband and he seems to enjoy talking to me as well. That makes us a good couple, and is part of the reason we fell in love. I keep on telling the girls who work for London escorts, that talking is good for a relationship.

Of course, there are many other reasons why I fell in love with my husband as well. First of all, he always manages to make me laugh. Some of the girls at charlotte action escorts think he is funny as well, and that just goes to prove that a sense of humor is important. Tina who works for Charlotte action escorts, say that her favorite dates are with gents who make her laugh. I think that is probably true, and I must say that laughter is important in a relationship. If you can laugh together, you can get over many things.

My husband is also one of those people who likes to “fix” things for other people. It took me a while, but I did eventually catch on to the fact that fixing was his way of helping people. It seemed odd at first, but it is just the way he is. Lots of my friends at charlotte action escorts have been fixed by him, and it often happens before they have been able to ask for help. Some of the girls at London escorts, say that he seems to know when other person needs a bit of help.

When you sit down and look at it, you will probably soon appreciate why you fell in love with your partner. The problem is that it can be difficult to explain and I am sure that there are plenty of folk out there who can’t really explain it. Falling in love still seems to be a bit magical, and something which just happens. Perhaps we should not bother to over analyze it, and accept that it happens instead. Love and falling in love both make us feel good, and that is a good start to any type of relationship.

I Cant Have You

One of my girlfriends who work for London escorts services is aroused by her new boyfriend possibility. She says that he really turns her on when it comes to the way he is. However, he has taken some oaths as part of the spiritual group he belongs to. One of them concerns sex before marriage. It seems a bit unusual in this day and age, but many of my London escorts girl friends say that it is nice when somebody stands up for something. He has his convictions and perhaps that is a good way to live.

Should we ignore alternative lifestyles? Many of us are guilty of rejecting alternative lifestyles too quickly and what is an alternative lifestyle anyway? Some people would say that working for London escorts services is an alternative lifestyle. You don’t have to be a member of a religious order to lead an alternative lifestyle. It is easy to reject something which seems a bit outside the box but perhaps we should explore it instead. If we can learn from something it might be a good way to lead your life. Many London escorts say that their lifestyles can be very alternative as they work odd hours and the job is a bit unusual.

But is it only London escorts who have alternative lifestyles? Looking around we will discover that there are many people with alternative lifestyles. For instance you could easily say that anybody who does not hold down a 9 to 5 job has an alternative lifestyle. It may not be a religious belief that stops you have sex with your girlfriend, it could simply be your lifestyle. Perhaps we are all a bit too hung up about sex these days, and should we maybe take another look at things. London escorts say that we are often too quick to judge others.

Maybe we should learn to be tolerant and consider other ways of living. London escorts are all for exploring new ideas and so are many other people. Most of the London escorts that I have spoken to think that we should perhaps embrace new living ideas and try to resolve our differences instead. If your boyfriend does not want to have sex with you because of his religious beliefs may be we should consider that he is right. It is so easy to say no and reject the idea, it is much more difficult to explore the idea.

Working as London escorts is certainly an alternative lifestyle, but so are many other. If Lena’s boyfriend can accept that her lifestyle is to work as part of  this cost effective escorts in London agency services, why can’t she accept his beliefs or lifestyle. At times we need to look deep inside ourselves to grow as humans. Acceptance has a lot to with improving and not rejecting other lifestyles. It does not mean that you have to agree with them, it just means that you need to be able to accept them. Would it nice if we could all be more accepting and tolerant?


The Truth About Aphrodisiacs

For years many couples have tried and recommended certain foods that are supposed to up the sexual drive of the person ingesting them, known as aphrodisiacs. Foods like, chocolate, oysters, and watermelon have all been associated as aphrodisiacs, and for years couples have been trying them. The simulated effect is supposed to increase the sexual libido almost instantaneously, by stimulating the areas of the brain associated with sex and sexual arousal. So the real question is, do these foods known, as aphrodisiacs really work? In short, yes and no.

Chocolate is probably the single biggest food linked as an aphrodisiac. Often this is the one of the only aphrodisiacs that anyone has ever heard about, and while this food has been scientifically known to alter moods, there is no correlation between chocolate and sexual arousal. There have been studies in which they found a chemical known as phenyl ethylamine found in chocolate can cause sexual arousal. However the same studies concluded that when ingested orally, the breakdown of the chemical occurs before it can reach the bloodstream, and therefore the brain, effectively eliminating the effects before they could cause the rise in arousal. However, this is most likely where the myth of chocolate being an aphrodisiac came from.

Oysters are the other well known food that is to be considered an aphrodisiac. There are two main reasons that oysters have become known as an aphrodisiac, the first is that it is supposedly shaped like female genitalia, therefore giving the person ingesting it a feeling of performing oral sex. This is mostly a mind trick, and would only really give a rise in sex drive, if the person were turned on by pantomiming oral sex on food. The second is due to the high amount of zinc found in oysters. Zinc is a big factor in the production of the sex hormone testosterone. The mistake here is thinking that zinc is a natural sexual booster; it appears more frequently when there is a mineral deficiency, or when zinc levels are low, then there is a decrease in testosterone. However the inverse is not true; ingesting zinc hardly increases testosterone levels.

So, in theory there is a truth to aphrodisiacs playing a role in sexual arousal; however most of it is due to the “mind over matter,” argument. Stating simply that if you think something will affect you a certain way, it has a much higher chance to do just that. Aphrodisiacs really only affect those who think it will, so taking them in excess is really only trouble to those not wanting to get fat off chocolate, or having their breath reek more of oysters.

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